June 1st, 2012


New fursuit .. well, a few..

So I haven't posted here in 4000 years (maybe less, I guess I'm not keeping track); I've been posting more stuff on FA lately.

I've been making fursuits for a really long time now, and in the past year, things have changed a lot. I've always enjoyed it, but for some reason, recently, its been very Zen-like .. its something that's helped me express creative urges and has been unbelievably fulfilling.

Its not even so much the process (though I enjoy it), its become more a love for seeing others romping around in something I built. In any event, stretched my artistic breadth on my more recent build, and actually pretty pleased with what came out. The owner wanted me to not-say who they were, but the character's name is Ty.

From Ty

From Ty

Also, yes, I will be at AC again. 

....And another interesting factoid, this guy was the 101st fursuit I've built.