Off to Orlando tomorrow, then onto Hartford

(weather permitting) .. I think I need to preface all travel for the next few months with that :)

Headed to Orlando overnight tomorrow - I don't get in until a little late, but I'll take the warmer weather. Then on to Hartford .. scheduled to come back on Friday evening.

We shall see :P

So .. it snowed a bit last night..

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Record snow-fall, all stores closed again today, ORD and MID closed all day.

20" of snow fell in 12 hrs. AND ITS STILL SNOWING! :)

National Guard is in town to help clean-up, with most interstates near me, still closed. I've never seen anything like this is my life.

So am I off to NYC tomorrow morning? Nope. Third time in 3 weeks that weather has nixed travel for me.
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Travel time, this week

Let's see... Off to the airport shortly to Atlanta tonight, then off to Newark again tomorrow evening, and finally to NYC (Times Square) Thursday.

Weather permitting, I'm aiming to be home on Friday afternoon.

Jersey shore then up to the T-dot

I'm in Jersey right now (meetings today) .. haven't been here in ages, but will be out this way a lot more because of a key client.

If all goes well, I'll be hopping an early plane home and then off to Toronto tomorrow for a funeral on Sat. I wasn't going to be able to make it to FC this time around anyway, the unexpected stuff sealed that deal.

I will however be at FWA and FCN (and work may bring me to Dallas around Furry Fiesta .. so we'll see). I've got a lot of respect for the hard work the folks at the bigger cons do, but I've found I just enjoy myself a lot more at the smaller/mid events.

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Finished .. 'Kix'

Wanted to share something I finished a couple days ago .. the first suit I've actually made for myself in close to 5 years :):)

I had been running with the idea in my head for about a year now and finally had some spare time over the holidays to get Kix together.

From Collie - Kix

Back home from Hawaii

Overall I had a great time -- nice to be home as well. I found that as strong as I try to be, dealing with the death in the family 5hrs-off and 3000 miles away ended up being pretty stressful.

Couple more pics I wanted to post from the trip. I managed to get almost 12 lbs of Macadamia nuts home this morning in my luggage (without any baggage fees, yay!)

In the air over Honolulu

North beach (from Lost) on Oahu


More pics at

And yup, United 1K again for the 4th year in a row. Starting the travel wackiness in early Jan with Dallas, Houston and Atlanta so far.

Christmas in Hawaii

I've never been big on Christmas, for a number of reasons, and decided that this year I'd do something about it.

So I decided to plan a trip to Hawaii. Im still over in Kona right now, but have had a really great time hanging with Slush, Poomie and Nitro. More when I get back, but excellent.

Sunset on Christmas Day in Kona

Lots more pics as I flickr them here:

It's been great weather and a lot of adventure. But at the same time somewhat bitter-sweet. My brother called on Thursday while we were in Honolulu to let me know that my grandmother had died during surgery in Toronto. Not unexpected and she's out of the agony she was in, but it's the real first death I've really experienced.

Anyhoo.. I wont belabor any of that, I've not been close to my "family" in well over a decade. Off to Honolulu now for a few more days, and then heading home on Tuesday evening. Lots to update.

Also ... Looooove the new EVO :)
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Back from Alaska!

Though brief, I had an amazing time in Alaska over the weekend! I flew into Anchorage on Friday morning and met up with Rrruff and Slush; the group of us drove up on Saturday to Fairbanks (largest northern city on earth) up in the Arctic circle.

Yes, I grumbled (a lot) about the long drives everywhere -- but with temps being as cold as they were (down to almost -40F at night in Fairbanks), we did the only thing we could sanely do to keep warm ... went to an outdoor hot spring in Chemo :)

Great food, amazingly nice people, and yes .. even in the Arctic circle, a Safeway, Starbucks, Sears and Sports Authority :)

I'd do it all again, but this time for longer.

A few pictures here

Fairbanks Alaska .. Constant twilight of winter.

Driving through Denali National park
(hard to see, but there's a wolf out in the woods)

Also .. no travel until the 22nd! .. I actually get to be home! 16,455 miles flown so far in December :)